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Southeast Virtual has been in existence since about 2008, and is now reborn as Southeast Virtual Air Carriers .   Please be patient as we rebuild the airlines.   Your suggestions and comments are welcome!

Well - known in the VA community online, SEV was a VATSIM partner and used the VAFS financial tracking system as it transitioned through two CEO's and stopped operations in late 2017.   The current leadership team understands the legacy of the previous SEV structure and intends to honor it as we grow and move forward.   Many thanks to the previous leadership at SEV who was responsible for the design and inception of the "dove" design logo.   We still use it today as a legacy reminder of all that we have been - with hopes to be more in the future.

After some discussion in mid-2019, previous members of SEV, who had remained friends, including its' former CEO and 2nd in Command decided to revitalize the airline with less routes, but more operations including military contract flights both domestically and overseas as well as a cargo division.   Our Organizational Chart (available to Member Pilots only) shows the hierarchy of the airline leadership and some positions are now (click here to apply!) available.