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Pilot Ranks:
Shoulder Epaulets

SEV Cadet:   This rank is awarded to a  "new hire" pilot with less than 50 hours total experience.  This can be waived with demonstratable proof (See Below).  Cadets may only fly the Beechcraft King Air 350 while statused as a Cadet. 

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SEV Junior Pilot:   This rank is awarded to a  SEV Pilot once they achieve 50 hours of flying with SEV.  Once this (and any higher) rank is obtained, the SEV Pilot may  fly any A/C in the SEV Fleet.

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Executive Captain.jpg

SEV Captain:   This rank is awarded to a SEV Pilot who has attained 300 total flying hours with SEV.

SEV Senior Captain:   This rank is awarded to a SEV Pilot who has attained 500 or more total flying with SEV.   It is the highest rank within our award structure unless the pilot becomes an Executive Captain.

SEV Executive Captain:   This rank is awarded to a  SEV Member of Staff serving in a leadership or advisory role.   Flying hours have no pertinence for this position and this position is only awarded at the discretion of a Chief Pilot Member of Staff; i.e. President, Vice President, Chief of Operations, or any other Chief position with the concurrence of all Chief Pilots.  

SEV Cadet Exception:   SEV values experience.   Any new pilot applying to the airline may be waived cadet status if they can provide proof of more than 50 flying hours.   Acceptable proof is a screen shot of either your FSX logbook or a VATSIM logbook showing the total hours you have flown.   Any exception to SEV Cadet will result in an automatic promotion to Junior Captain and all other promotions shall be based solely on the criterion listed above (once hours are obtained.)    Only SEV accredited hours can be applied for promotion.   

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